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Our Specialists Have Already Transformed More Than 15,000 Smiles Tat Keeps Their Owners Happy for 15 years.

Aline Clinic opened its doors for you in 2021 but we had built our professional team long before that. We have formed the best orthodontic department so far which specializes in align therapy: bite treatment with transparent mouthguards called aligners. In addition to that, we provide treatment with the use of braces for adults and removable appliances for kids.

Our services
Our professional team
Dr. Ekaterina Ivanova
Chief medical officer, orthodontist. 20 years of professional experience.
Dr. Maria Avdeeva
Orthodontist, therapist.
Dr. George Saakyan
Dr. Alexandra Kohanaya
Dr. Amir Sultanov
Dr. Maria Baronova
Center for transparent dentistry
Morskaya nab. 25/1 St. Petersburg
Aline Clinic